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Mighty Kicks Pittsburgh

Standards and Policies for Safe and Healthy Soccer Participation

Summer 2020

1. Promoting Behaviors that Reduce Spread of Covid – 19

A. Coaches Must Stay Home when Appropriate

  • If they are sick;
  • If they test positive for Covid-19
  • If they have close contact with a person who has Covid-19;

B. Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette

  • All Coaches must wash hands with soap and hot water before class starts;
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at every class;
  • Every cough / sneeze will be covered with a tissue and thrown away immediately;

C. Cloth Face Coverings

  • Will be worn by all coaches at every session;

D. Adequate Supplies will be Provided

  • Mighty Kicks will provide cleaned and disinfected soccer equipment, masks for coaches, hand sanitizer, tissues, wipes, and trash bags;
  • Parents should bring a soccer ball, water bottle, and a mask for their child if they want their child to wear a mask;

2. Maintaining Healthy Environments

A. Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Mighty Kicks will clean and disinfect all soccer equipment before each class;

B. Modified Layouts

  • Players will remain inside their 6’ x 6’ playing space;
  • Players will sit 6 feet apart during listening times;
  • Players will perform all soccer activities – drills, games, contests, races, either inside their play space or in socially distanced “alleys” marked with cones;
  • Spacing will be marked with field cones to ensure compliance;

3. Maintaining Healthy Operations

A. Designated Covid – 19 Point of Contact

  • Sam Bellin, Mighty Kicks Director, will be the Point of Contact

B. Communication Systems

  • Mighty Kicks will notify parents immediately if any coaches report symptoms of Covid-19, test positive for Covid-19, or have exposure to a person who has Covid – 19;
  • Parents should notify Mighty Kicks immediately if any soccer participants report symptoms of Covid-19, test positive for Covid-19, or have exposure to a person who has Covid-19;
  • Mighty Kicks will provide specific training for all coaches on the new health and safety protocols to be implemented;
  • Mighty Kicks will insist that coaches will not work if possibly sick and will provide backup coaches for any impacted classes;
  • Coaches will take their own temperature before reporting to work to provide an extra barrier of safety;